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What do I need to create a Certified Profile?

It takes about 15 minutes to create a Certified Profile, and you will need (1) some basic marketing materials on the organization, (2) a list of three reference deals, and (3) contact information for the team that you work with.

How do I make updates in the future?

Once you create a Certified Profile, you will be emailed a six digit Edit Code. Enter this Edit Code into the top left area to make changes to your profile in the future. Any of your team members can use the Edit Code to make changes, so please share it with your co-workers.

How do I handle multiple offices?

If your organization has multiple offices, there are a couple different approaches to a Certified Profile. As one solution, you can create one Certified Profile for your whole global organization. Each team member can then be tagged with the region that they focus on using the "specialty" field. As another solution, you can create one Certified Profile for each office or region that you operate in, such as "XYZ Capital Boston" or "XYZ Capital Asia." TheFunded is a directory, so choose the approach that best represents the character of your organization.