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The Worst of the Worst

Arsenal Capital Partners

We were involved in a deal with Arsenal and the ethics were nothing anyone on our deal team had seen before. They flat out lied 4 distinct times. I felt like taking a shower after every negotiating session.

Toward the end of the process our lawyer ran into an old colleague who works for a firm that services PE shops so sees the whole spectrum. When asked about Arsenal his response was "the worst of the worst".

Announcing the Judges for the Disrupt Sf 2015 Startup Battlefield News

TechCrunch is excited to announce the judges of the next round of Startup Battlefield, being held at TC Disrupt San Francisco. These are kind folks tasked with picking the finalists and winner of the startup competition held at Disrupt SF. It’s a big task, but these judges are up to the challenge.

This year the competition will feature 24 young companies vying for attention and funding. At stake is the Disrupt Cup and $50,000.

Tickets are still available for Disrupt SF. Purchase yours today!

The judges come from all walks of life. Some are venture capitalists and some are engineers. Some are product managers and some are technologists. But they all know what they’re talking about and are experts in their fields.

  • Niko Bonatsos (General Catalyst Partners)
  • Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital)
  • Alexandra Chong (Lulu)
  • Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC)
  • Rob Coneybeer (Shasta Ventures)
  • Topher Conway (SV Angel)
  • Cyril Ebersweiler (Chinaccelerator)
  • Brady Forrest (Highway1)
  • Pat Gallagher (CrunchFund)
  • Parker Harris (Salesforce)
  • Rob Hayes (First Round Capital)
  • Sarah Leary (Nextdoor)
  • Jess Lee (Polyvore)
  • Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures)
  • John Lilly (Greylock Partners)
  • Susan Lyne (BBG Ventures)
  • Komal Mangtani (Uber)
  • Matthew Panzarino (TechCrunch)
  • Peter Pham (Science)
  • Brian Pokorny (SV Angel)
  • David Prager (The Assembly)
  • Julie Sandler (Madrona Ventures Group)
  • Beth Seidenberg (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)
  • M.G. Siegler (Google Ventures)
  • Debbie Sterling (GoldieBlox)
  • Sarah Tavel (Greylock Partners)
  • Halle Tecco (Rock Health)
  • Hans Tung (GGV Capital)
  • Matt Turck (FirstMark Capital)
  • Michelle Zatlyn (CloudFlare)

    Disrupt SF, which takes place on September 21-23, is a three-day startup conference and competition that explores the debate about what's changing in technology right now, what's causing it, and what we need to do about it to survive and succeed.

    The event will feature fireside chats with thought leaders and panels on hot tech topics, a stroll through Startup and Hardware Alley, and the iconic Startup Battlefield competition. Leave knowing you’re one step ahead of the future.

    Tickets are still available for Disrupt SF. Purchase yours today!

    Looking for Advice on Naseba Group Advice

    Looking for any advice/ experience on the NASEBA group. They host international investor meetings. Is it worth it?

    Next Steps Capital Anyone Know Them? Discussion

    Health Rock Specifically, Life Science Funding in General? Discussion

    Very Good Group to Work With

    Rose-Hulman Ventures

    honest and smart. you want them on your team.

    Private: 129 Chars

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    Webinar: How to Become a Leader in Your Startup Community News

    Are you a successful entrepreneur that wants to help build your local startup community?

    During our upcoming webinar, “How to Become a Leader in Your Startup Community,” we will outline the different resources needed to bolster your local ecosystem, and provide tips on how you can help startups and become a better startup mentor and advisor. 

    This webinar will take place on Thursday, August 27th at 8:00am PT (see local time here). RSVP to the Free Webinar Today!

    This event will feature David Cohen (Founder and Managing Partner of Techstars), Sergio Escobar (Managing Director of The Founder Institute Montreal), and Adeo Ressi (Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute &, 9X entrepreneur, and Managing Director of Expansive Ventures).

    We’ll Discuss:

    RSVP to the Webinar Today!

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    Do Not Waste Your Time with Keiretsu

    Keiretsu Forum

    Let me begin by saying that we're a fundable startup. We've raised $6MM from Angel investors in the last 18 months in two different deals with fair and reasonable deal terms. We have investors from all over the country who are excited to be in the company.

    We presented to numerous Keiretsu chapters in an effort to leverage the value of the network. We pitched NorCal, got a due diligence lead and spent 3 months preparing a 200 page due diligence book that was REALLY good. In that time span our first round became oversubscribed by 2 x and we were no longer interested in Keiretsu Angels.

    Fast forward 3 months and we have a new vehicle for a new financing. We do the roadshow again, this time starting with Keiretsu so we aren't oversubscribed. After spending thousands of dollars on fees and travel we raised literally $0 from the ~250 people on the "interested in investing" list. This was after we had already finished DILIGENCE!!!

    I'm putting this post here so that others will hopefully avoid my mistake and take the thousands of dollars in fees and spend it on something with a higher ROI, like tacos and red bull - anything is better than throwing it away in Keiretsu.

    To answer the question of why we went at all: one of our existing investors had another company go through Keiretsu and have a very favorable outcome and he encouraged us to take the same approach. Where the other company succeeded, we failed miserably.

    Private: 260 Chars

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    Preparing to Raise a Seed Round? Check Out the Founder Lab Program News

    We have seen a strong need for coaching in seed-stage companies preparing for funding, and as a result, we created the Founder Lab program earlier this year.

    In the Founder Lab, seed-stage companies can make several months of progress in just one vigorous week in Silicon Valley, receiving intensive mentorship and training from the brightest CEOs and investors. By the end of program, you will go home with a fully refined pitch-deck, a validated growth plan, a solid network, and a tactical execution plan to raise funding. Also, there is no equity involved.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Founder Lab, visit, or apply today at

    The Autumn 2015 Founder Lab will take place from Sunday, September 13th to Friday, September 18th, and there are a very limited number of spots available. If you apply by the Early Application Deadline on Sunday, July 26th, you will have access to the Early Bird Course Fee (20% discount), and you may be eligible for a Course Fee Scholarship.

    Now in it's third edition, previous Founder Lab programs have been attended by very fast growing companies, like AMPL Labs, SunToWater, Peerby, Loggr, ConnectX, Cashtivity, Keepe, Theo, Beeketing,, Trato, Tourism4me, and many more.

    In addition, participants in past programs have had the opportunity to work with and visit some of the top organizations in Silicon Valley, like Google, Twitter, and IDEO - and venture capitalists like Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, K9 Ventures, and more.

    Learn more at

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