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Siemens Ttb Discussion

Just a Frustrated Rant Discussion

Meeting Investors Discussion

Acceleprise / Acceleprise Sf Any Thoughts? Discussion

Very Transparent, Easy Pitch

S3 Ventures

Not going forward with firm but amazing professionalism. Rajiv Bala is a top notch player. I can't comment on an operating arrangement but they seem to really be head and shoulders above many of the other Austin firms.

Examples of Real Problem Solving Tech, Products & Services Discussion

Great Operating Experience. Great People.

TVC Ventures

Private: 257 Chars

Empty Ashwin Discussion

B2 B Sales Pricing Question Looming Discussion

Insider Trading? Discussion

How Common are No Shop Agreements Today ? Discussion

Avoid These Guys at All Costs

Tech Coast Angels

If you are in the startup business and don't care about product, creating value, or your company achieving long term goals, TCA is right for you. First they only invest in ideas so that are so safe because they have been de-risked by several other companies doing the same thing who were successful years ago. Meaning they will encourage you to sell your company by flipping it to a competitor in about three to five years.

They want as much of your company as they can get to cover their asses in heavy dilution that will not occur. Do not fall for their game. They don't do due diligence even though they say they do. All there decision are based on people who are related to them or know nothing about your industry. You are better off going up to Silicon Valley and finding someone who believes in you.

In short if you want to change the world look elsewhere, if you want to be a millionaire and will do anything to become one (including selling your soul, your company, and your dignity), these guys will be your best friend.

Looking for Ideas Discussion

Option Plan Management Software? Discussion

Do Your Due Diligence Not All Money is the Same

RCT BioVentures

Private: 172 Chars

Consumer Green Product Investors

VC Open Letters

We are a GREEN, consumer product, design driven manufacturer with real traction, real product and innovative ideas.
We are located in the Bay Area, and we need consumer product investors to help us scale BIG. Can you recommend investors who are interested in CP?

Negotiating an Oem Agreement Discussion

144 a Bond Funding Discussion

Great Partner, Poor Fund

Teuza Management & Development

My company was scouted by one of the junior partners, Yakir, who was very interested and showed great involvement and zeal for our particular field of work. He setup a meeting between us and more senior members of the board who pulled a last minute no-show.

A few days later came the message that our industry is out side the fund's field of interest.

All in all, Yakir, whom we actually meet, was great. Insightful and to the point. Teuza the company however, were far less impressive.

Re Re Building Trust: Founder's 5 Additional Points and Huge Gratitude to Advice Givers Discussion

Advice Wanted on Rebuilding Trust Between Founder (Former CEO) and Hired CEO Discussion

Total Market Potential Discussion

Larry Begley and 406 are Top Tier Boston VC's

406 Ventures

I have known Larry for over a year, and greatly admire and appreciate his willingness and ability to roll up his sleeves and help me grow and scale my company. His areas of operating and industry expertise are highly valued by not only me, but also my leadership team and my board of directors. Larry is a great friend, advisor and mentor for any company that is looking to change the world for the better. His partners at .406 also add great value in connecting businesses with potential opportunities.
I highly recommend Larry and his partners at .406 to any company at any stage that might be looking for business insights or operating expertise in growing and scaling their business.

Pitching Vent Discussion

Approached by a VC Group. What Does It Mean? Discussion

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