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"All is Fair in Love and Twitter" Discussion


Atlas Venture

The fund has a nice brand, but as many of the reviews say these guys have a poor operational culture. I feel bad for their LPs.

These things about not showing up for meetings, arrogance, and ignorance are all true. I've met with Ryan Moore who is wholly unimpressive....

There are much better options around... Don't believe the hype.

Nice People

Kepha Partners

Pitched Jo, he's a positive guy that made it from nothing to something. The fund seems to make only 4 new deals a year, so it's very exclusive. He relatively quick to take a pass, which is better than the funds who can't make a decision.

The Founder Institute: 1000 Companies, 10,000 Jobs, $5bn Estimated Portfolio Value. and Growing... News

As you may or may not know, the Founder Institute, an entrepreneur training and startup launch program that I founded 4.5 years ago, was born through In fact, the inspiration to start the Institute came from observing the struggles of early-stage entrepreneurs on this site, and the original curriculum for the program was actually crowdsourced from's members.

Today I have some exciting news to share on the state of the Founder Institute. With the recent graduations of the Summer 2013 Semesters, we have just eclipsed 1000 companies launched.

Anthony Ha covered the story on TechCrunch here.

In total, through chapters across 55 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents, we have now launched 1,003 Graduate Companies with;

  1. 1,114 Graduate Founders and Co-Founders
  2. An estimated portfolio value in excess of $5 billion
  3. Six exits or liquidity events (public exits include Shopalize and Gridblaze)
  4. Over 10,000 jobs created
  5. 89.5% Graduate companies still operating (versus 115 companies dissolved)
  6. 73.5% Graduate companies operating at or ahead of schedule (versus 146 companies with Founders still employed or companies struggling)

But we are not stopping there. In just the last two weeks we launched chapters in Munich and Portland, we are currently accepting applications in over 20 cities, our pipeline is filled with potential new city launches (specifically Dublin, Tokyo, Nairobi, Bangkok, Baltimore, Seoul, Manila, and Tomsk), and we have several semesters currently in session as well.

Our goal?

To “Globalize Silicon Valley” and help promising entrepreneurs launch companies that will create over 20,000 new jobs per year by 2020.

If you want to help foster entrepreneurship on a global scale, then Launch a Founder Institute Chapter in your local city.

Or, if you want to join a growing network of global entrepreneurs and launch an enduring company through structured training courses, practical business-building assignments, and expert feedback from a large network of business mentors, then Apply to the Founder Institute today.

Very Questionable

Bear Creek Venture Partners

Did business with Jay in a prior life. Has no money and actually tried the 'borrow $50K, get ya 10% return, for 30 days' story on me. Be expecting some 'fees' to come along with any money. In other words...avoid.

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Successful Early Stage Investment

Maple Leaf Angels

A number of Maple Leaf Angels made an early-stage investment in Spartan, with a relatively quick due diligence process and without onerous terms. They have been supportive in various capacities over the years, with some members participating in subsequent financing rounds.

The former chairperson of Maple Leaf Angels, a chartered accountant and now CEO of a contract pharmaceuticals company, not only invested but also became a member of our board of directors. He has provided valuable advice and strategic insight in that capacity.

Took Too Long to Launch the Product Advice

I have been working on my product for 4 years while employed full-time for another employer. I have invested more money than what some entrepreneurs are able to raise in Seed Funding, into building the product. But I have invested this money over a period of 4 years (70% of my monthly paycheck every month) and I continue to pay contractors on an ongoing basis to enhance the product. I am now looking to go to investors and start showcasing the product for Series-A funding.

Does anyone out here see any risks, because of the time and money that was spent on building the product. The same product could have been built in about 2 years of R&D, if the entire team including me was full-time.
Does it matter to the investors how much time it took to mature the product? Will the life of the company be seen as a negative?

Any comments or guidance based on your experience will be helpful.

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Under the Radar, but Very Good, High Quality Guys: Great Firm

Silver Creek Ventures

Not a name-brand firm, but in Texas, Silver Creek is a stand-up firm with an excellent track record and high quality interactions. Easy to approach, easy to pitch, and very hard to get money most smart VC's. If you do, you are lucky. They stick with you. They nurture. They push. But in an effective non-overbearing way.
MetroPCS is one such example. The first money in, Silver Creek initially found itself in a losing proposition that ended up in the ditch. They stuck by the team, the founder, and reinvested, reupped, and...well...a very nice exit.
I've pitched them several times, but no-go...yet. They are very clear with a not at this time, and have been clear with a pretty much never before. Great feedback. They take the time to tell you why, why they have reservations, what is not resonating. And lots of time to do that. It buys great goodwill.
I'd help these guys any time. And they will help most entrepreneurs.
What more can you ask?

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Pitches and Rejected but Professional

Morgenthaler Ventures

I pitched a partner after an introduction from a co-founder. It took several weeks but finally heard back. They were professional in getting back (it is 100x better to get a no than to waffle for 6 months). I have not yet received any feedback, though I asked for it. Can't say how I would give this firm negative marks. They seemed to move fast relative to other funds.

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