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Alsop Louie Partners

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Conundrum Discussion

Learn How to Use Data to Ignite Growth at DataBeat 2014 (15% Discount) Sponsor Posting

Our friends at VentureBeat are hosting a must-attend event this week for anyone interested in leveraging big data to ignite growth: DataBeat 2014.

DataBeat — VentureBeat’s second annual big data conference on May 19-20 in San Francisco— is laser-focused on helping companies increase profitability through smart analytics and big data tools.

Now that data is driving their decisions, growth-oriented executives are confronting a bewildering set of options.  They’re gathering the brightest minds in the industry to filter through the noise and give new insights on technologies and strategies that will accelerate growth.

Our friends at VentureBeat are offering our network a 15% discount on tickets. Register now before it’s too late!

Featured speakers include:

Come to DataBeat and…

DataBeat will be packed with case studies, lightning talks, keynotes, breakout sessions, high-level presentations, and an innovation showdown.

But in addition to the content, the event is also hyper-focused on making sure attendees walk away with valuable connections.

You’ll find those new partners, new clients, new hires, and new investors through a series of organizes initiatives including roundtable lunch discussions, quick-connect sessions, receptions, and dinners.

Join us May 19-20 for a two day roadmap on how to approach data to ignite real growth for your business.

Get your tickets today here! (15% off)

Taking a Saa S Product to Market Discussion

Join Mitch Kapor, Mike Maples Jr, and Thomas Korte at the Founder Showcase on May 15th News

The Founder Showcase is's pitch and networking event for seed-stage startups and investors.

On May 15th, we will host the 15th Founder Showcase in Silicon Valley, and welcome an impressive lineup of speakers to our stage;

Mitch Kapor, Founder of Lotus Development & PC Pioneer

Mitch Kapor has been a pioneer in personal computing for more than 30 years. He is widely known as the Founder of Lotus Development. In addition, Mitch was the Founding Investor in UUNET, Co-Founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and a Founding Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, and a Founding Investor and Chair in Linden Research. At the Founder Showcase, Mitch will talk about building technology companies that generate both economic value AND positive social impact.

Mike Maples, Jr., Managing Partner at FLOODGATE

Mike Maples, Jr. is the managing partner of FLOODGATE, and was recently named the #14 Top Tech Investor in the world by Forbes. His early investments include Twitter, Chegg, ng:moco, IMVU, Gowalla, Kno, YuMe Networks, TaskRabbit, Kongregate, BranchOut, and many more. Before his investment career, Mike co-founded Motive, Inc., the world’s leading broadband software company in 1997, and oversaw its growth through the “dot-bomb” to a successful IPOs in 2004.

Thomas Korte, Founder of AngelPad

Thomas Korte is the founder of AngelPad, a startup accelerator based in San Francisco and New York. AngelPad was named by MIT’s 2014 Accelerator Research as the #3 U.S. Accelerator, and Forbes Magazine called AngelPad a “TOP 5 Global Accelerator” in 2012. AngelPads exits include Mopub ($350m to Twitter), Adku (Groupon), and Astrid (Yahoo), among others. Prior, Thomas worked at Google for 7 years staring in 2002..

We hope you will join us.

TheFunded readers get 20% off here.

Helpful People

Greylock Israel

Met these guys through an intro when I wasn't pitching, but just looking to cut my teeth and hear some VCs thoughts. They were kind enough to take the time to meet up (Yoram & Arnon) and helped with advice and even some intros. Granted,

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No Funds, Waste of Time

Espírito Santo Capital, S.A.

Most of their money is tied-up in 2-3 big investments which are syphoning cash.
Pitching to them is therefore a waste of time.

Unfavourable Terms

Caixa Capital - Sociedade de Capital de Risco, S.A.

The team at Caixa is very inexperienced in the VC world and are learning by doing.
So it's no wonder they dismissed value propositions for businesses they don't find equivalent.
They are also wary about co-investing with other VCs and may cause problems in the future if you need to include other VCs in future rounds.

Unethical Behavior

OpenView Venture Partners

One of the partners engaged in some shady behavior recently. He had his associate reach out in the guise of wanting to know more and invest in our company. Turned out he was just collecting intel for a company where he is a board member that ended up releasing a directly competitive product a few months later. Luckily, I suspected something and broke off engaging early on.

Pretty slimy behavior from a VC.

Kohlberg Ventures Discussion

Successful Crowdfunding Discussion

Raising a Seed Round? Apply to's Free Pitch Competition (Deadline is Sunday) News

The Founder Showcase is a 100% free pitch competition hosted by While most other similar events feature companies raising their Series-A, we go one step earlier, as our presenters are all less than two years old and have raised less than $250,000 in funding. As a result, we pride ourselves in showcasing early-stage companies before anybody else (pun intended).

Now in its 15th edition, we are proud to announce that previous Founder Showcase Contestants have now raised over $130 million. Past contestants include companies like Udemy, Relay Rides, Thumbtack, Kaggle, and many more. See our Founder Showcase Hall of Fame here.

Are you the founder of an early-stage startup looking to get exposure and funding? Applications to the 15th Founder Showcase are due on Sunday, April 13th. Apply today for free

The 15th Founder Showcase will take place on Thursday, May 15th in Silicon Valley, and gather over 400 startup investors, founders, and press. In addition to the always entertaining pitch competition, the event will feature talks from leading startup entrepreneurs and investors, as well as a series of educational workshops for early-stage founders (TBA). Early-Bird tickets available until April 25th: Click here to purchase yours today.

The Founder Showcase is an event hosted by and the Founder Institute.

Impossible Meeting Conditions, Were They Serious?

Artiman Ventures

Just pitched Ajit Singh, Yatin Mundkur, and Erez Podoly in Israel.
Meeting held on two small opposing couches in the lobby of an office building, with a noisy waterfall 3 feet away.

As in other reviews here - not very courteous. Running 45 min late, didn't bother calling to tell us.

If they were serious, surely they could have booked a room, or even a hotel lobby.

Zero feedback, very difficult to know if they even understood what we were talking about.

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US West Software/B2B First Round Terms Term Sheet

Investment Banker for Small Deal Discussion

How Much Focus on Revenues for a Seed Stage Pitch? Discussion

Santiago Subotovsky is a Good Guy

Emergence Capital Partners

I pitched to Santi over the phone today.

As scheduled, Santi called and from his intro, I realized they are only into B2B. But I asked if he would listen to my pitch and he agreed. He was very engaged, grilled me with questions and in the end offered his advice including encouragement that there are roots in my start-up.

Overall, I felt great about my pitch with Santi. The guy is a gentlemen. Would love to pitch to EmCap again someday.

First Step Fund at Invest Detroit Discussion

Need Advice on Asian Business Discussion

US West Software/B2B First Round Terms Term Sheet

US West Software/B2B First Round Terms Term Sheet

Great Org Very Ethical, Helpful, in It for the Long Haul. to Bad They are Not Funding Any Deals.

Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

This organization has stood the test of time and is full of the best of the best in the venture capital world. I don't know if they will ever begin funding deals again, but if they do, this would be one to pay attention to.

Hard Working, Our Favorite Investor

SV Angel

These guys have gone out of their way to help us over and over again. After working with them it's hard to deal with others.

Working with Brian & Kevin. Awesome experience.

The Real Deal

Y Combinator

Fantastic experience. Working with these guys was and is life changing. I would absolutely do it again, and I've already got an exit.

Huge Time Wasters, Lots of Bs Homework

Silverton Partners

4-5 model update requests, 3+ weeks to respond after we submit their homework. Projections in both directions by years, for a seed stage investment. Amateur.

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