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Joint Venture vs. Funding and Go Alone Discussion

Schwark Satyavolu is a Class Act

Trinity Ventures

I had a warm intro to Schwark. My contacts said he was very sharp and knew payments very well. This turned out to be very true. I've pitched a number of firms and Schwark is way ahead of anyone else I pitched. He very quickly got to the key decision point of our business. Although he turned us down, he did two really classy things that really stand out in my mind: 1) promptly made a decision and told me 2) gave me valuable feedback on where he thought the biggest problem would be and the best to overcome it. Most people wouldn't have bothered after a turn down to write such a detailed email. A real class act. And I've known Ajay for years since he started Pinnacle in his garage. A real entrepreneur and a great guy.

US West Software/B2B First Round Terms Term Sheet

Are VC's Spying on Each Other? Discussion

How Do You Raise $50 Million or More? Discussion

How Long Did It Take to Build Your Mvp? Discussion

Healthcare Technology Startup Capital Raise Advice

We are a healthcare technology startup company (pre-revenue stage) located in GA. We have spent significant amount of our time (last 8 years with a global team, around $1M invested) working on the technology that we feel would change the way healthcare is done. We are about to launch the cloud-based enterprise class product platform. We put together business plan, financial projections, pitch deck. We are planning to raise about $3.5M. Having not raised any capital before, I am not sure about the best approach:

1. Consultants: Every one I spoke with wants upfront money (or hourly fee) and it is hard to allocate money until capital is raised (based on our current situation). Also, most of them do not have broker-dealer license.

2. Investment Bankers: I tried to contact couple of investment bankers and none of them responded. As per my understanding, they charge a percentage and do not require any upfront investment. Can you suggest few firms? Is this a good approach?

3. VCs: They usually need introductions and I do not have any connections in this area.

4. Crowd Platforms: I am not sure if this is suitable for our type of capital raise. I checked into EquityNet and it looks like, I need to contact each individual investor.

I know lot of you have the expertise on the subject. If you can share any thoughts / suggestions or contact suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to speak with me privately, please suggest.

Thank you for your time.

Accelerator Feedback Discussion

US Central Software/B2B First Round Terms Term Sheet

Venture Net Partners Discussion

Contractor or Employee? Discussion

Screwed and Ruined Our Company

Advanced Technology Ventures

ATV screwed our company. It invested and than acted as if its opinion was all that mattered. Then when we had an opportunity for a 25X for them with the right acquirer, they voted it down so they could shovel more money in to push things that management knew did not make sense. They then alienated a bunch of investors and then switched terms on a follow on at the last minute. Then they drove the company out of business! Stay away!

Cavendish Global Stay Away Advice

Cavendish Global allegedly assembles family offices hungry to invest in healthcare related deals. They host large and nice events and charge entrepreneurs big bucks to attend. I've spoke with several CEO's who attended and say it is a total bust. No family offices there that actually want to meet anyone pitching a deal. Apparently they make money by swindling CEO's in to coughing up entry fees and then receiving zero benefit. The leader of this group then duck call and complaints post meeting. Beware.

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Fund Raising in 2016 Discussion

Shopping a Startup to VC's Door to Door? Discussion

Easy to Approach and a Quick Rejection.

Shasta Ventures

I did not know them but selected them from a web search. They rejected us but were easy to approach and prompt to respond, That is appreciated.

Sxsw Invester Showcase Discussion

Sxsw Invester Showcase Discussion

Pricing Too High Discussion

Fulfillment Capital Discussion

Paid Beta Discussion

Help on (Short) Funding of a Provisional to Pct Filing Conversion with Pressing Timeline Discussion

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