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The Real Deal

Y Combinator

Fantastic experience. Working with these guys was and is life changing. I would absolutely do it again, and I've already got an exit.

Huge Time Wasters, Lots of Bs Homework

Silverton Partners

4-5 model update requests, 3+ weeks to respond after we submit their homework. Projections in both directions by years, for a seed stage investment. Amateur.

After Months of Meetings Said the Amount I Was After Was Too Small for Them

AnaCap Financial Partners

Private: 965 Chars

Anyone Have Experience with the Eb 5 Visa Program Discussion

Breaking New Ground in Funding Discussion

B2 B Tech Startup Attorney Northeast Region Discussion

Small but Very Engaged & Helpful

Harbert Management Corporation

The good:
- fairly efficient pitch process
- firm truly invests time to get to know entrepreneurs over time and find good fits
- incredibly nice people, fair/balanced and also not afraid to challenge
- very engaged as board member / investor, one of the most proactive in terms of communication in general
- want big outcomes like everyone else, but not "unicorn" chasers with unrealistic expectations
- if you are southeast-based, even better as this is their area of focus ... Florida/Gulf Coast/Atlanta/Carolinas/DC

The bad:
- there isn't any bad ... the only bad would be if you don't fit with their investment profile, which is B/C round level vs. seed or A round.

Buying Stock From a Founder Discussion

Urgent: Should Founder Make Very Involved Adviser Chair of the Board Discussion


Wellington Partners

supportive and constructive, even during hard times. stick to their word.

Surprisingly Mediocre. Just a Brand These Days.

Y Combinator

The batch sizes are humongous now (70+) so you don't get that much helpful energy at the Tuesday dinners. It's more like a conference than a party.

Previously, I thought YC was a for-sure good use of time. Now, I am not so sure.

Letter of Interest Discussion

Qualified Crowdfunding Reviews Discussion

Run Away

Artiman Ventures

Walk away or run away from this firm. Incompetent , egotistical , shallow and ethically challenged group. Both key partners Amit Shah and Yatin Mundkur are wonderful until funded and then true colors show up. Regardless whether the startup is doing well or not , they like to put their "candidates" in key positions and control the firm. This firm "under the guise of white space investing" will not hesitate to steal your idea and start a company on their own or pivot an existing portfolio company that is inspired by your idea. . Run away.

Private: 220 Chars

Analytics Ventures in San Diego? Discussion

Founder Showcase Scheduled for May 15th. Pre Sale Tickets Available Now News

Hosted by, the Founder Showcase is Silicon Valley's leading seed-stage startup event, gathering top technology founders and investors to hear and learn from leading experts, and help launch promising new companies to greatness.

The 15th edition of the Founder Showcase is scheduled for Thursday, May 15th at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View.

Pre-Sale Tickets (up to 50% off) are available until February 28th, so get your tickets or table today.

If you've never been to a Founder Showcase, here is how it works; 

First, we get the top figures in Silicon Valley to discuss pressing topics in startups and venture capital. In our 14-event history, we've been truly honored by some of the names who have graced our stage - including Elon Musk, David Sacks, Phil Libin, Keith Rabois, Chris Dixon, Mark Suster, Kevin Rose, and Naval Ravikant, just to name a few. You can check out some videos from past events here.

Second, we have a 100% free pitch competition completely geared towards seed-stage companies. How is this different from other pitch competitions? Well, most other events feature companies raising their Series-A, but we go one step earlier, as our presenters are all less than 2 years old and have raised less than $250,000 in funding. In other words, we give you the chance to see some of the most interesting companies of tomorrow before anyone else. Our alumni have gone on to raise over $75 million in funding, and include companies like Udemy, Relay Rides, Thumbtack, Kaggle, and many more.

Finally, we have networking with over 400 startup founders, investors and press from all over the world, and an energy brought by our emcee Adeo Ressi (Funding Member of that no other event can match.

This all gets mixed into one action packed afternoon and evening, so you can go get back to work building great companies. 

We hope you will join us on May 15th!

Get your Pre-Sale Tickets Now, or learn more at

Great Team, Great Fund

Inter-Atlantic Group

IAG was part of our last 13MM fundraise for Financeit. Working with them from initial meetings through DD until closing was a good experience. Their team moves quickly and knew where to focus their attention during the fundraising process. Very supportive of our business and looking forward to building a successful partnership.

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Good Experience

Intel Capital

I met Ken Elefant at an event in the Valley, then developed a relationship and came in to meet an investment committee. Our business has a fit with (and dependencies on) Intel, so some of the intros that Ken provided have been useful to us. They picked up what we were doing quickly, and generally it was a good experience. The decision process was quick and easy to understand. The discussion on terms was refreshingly direct and straight forwards.

In the end, Intel Capital passed on investing in our round for now, but gave easily comprehensible reasons why (essentially we were too early and they wanted to see 3-4 larger commercial companies paying us $200K+ per year). Compared to other conversations with VCs, the thought process was more transparent, which I liked.

I plan to go back Intel Capital as we meet the criteria they set.

Private: 745 Chars

Ryan Harstad, Vp

Sverica International

This is a pretty nice straightforward guy. We will see about valuation and terms.

US West Software/B2B Up Round Terms Term Sheet

Mgt Equity Renewal at a Merger Discussion

Need Advice on China Business Trip Discussion

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