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Great Team, Great Fund

Inter-Atlantic Group

IAG was part of our last 13MM fundraise for Financeit. Working with them from initial meetings through DD until closing was a good experience. Their team moves quickly and knew where to focus their attention during the fundraising process. Very supportive of our business and looking forward to building a successful partnership.

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Good Experience

Intel Capital

I met Ken Elefant at an event in the Valley, then developed a relationship and came in to meet an investment committee. Our business has a fit with (and dependencies on) Intel, so some of the intros that Ken provided have been useful to us. They picked up what we were doing quickly, and generally it was a good experience. The decision process was quick and easy to understand. The discussion on terms was refreshingly direct and straight forwards.

In the end, Intel Capital passed on investing in our round for now, but gave easily comprehensible reasons why (essentially we were too early and they wanted to see 3-4 larger commercial companies paying us $200K+ per year). Compared to other conversations with VCs, the thought process was more transparent, which I liked.

I plan to go back Intel Capital as we meet the criteria they set.

Private: 745 Chars

Ryan Harstad, Vp

Sverica International

This is a pretty nice straightforward guy. We will see about valuation and terms.

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Good Experience with Brian Wilcove?

Artiman Ventures

Private: 288 Chars

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Great Late Stage Firm

Institutional Venture Partners

Worked with Jules Maltz. He's amazingly good. Smart, funny, engaging. Cares about the company. Cant say enough good things.

Fast turnaround, had a decision quickly. Closed as they stated - no changes. Been a GREAT investor.

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Compensate Investor that Brings in Outside Investment Advice

Looking for advice on what to pay a person for bringing in significant fund raise for the company.

Private: 583 Chars

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Really Outstanding Team Very Supportive

LDC (Lloyds TSB Development Capital)

After talking with many PE funds worldwide, LDC really made the difference for us.
We were always treated as part of the inner family and got support and help also outside our M&A activities.
Darryl is one of the smartest guys I had the pleasure to meet. He really created an incredible effective team. Plus, working with these guys is fun.
My communication point is Tim Farazmand and even if our actual project Gideen is more in an early financing stage, Tim is supporting us on our advisory board.

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Larry Begley is Terrible

406 Ventures

I have to agree with the comments of previous posters. I know Larry and he is one of the worst VCs around. He really doesn't belong. He should go back to being a controller or just retire. He had some good luck that made him some money without being good - typical boom tech story of late 90s by being at the right place when someone way overpaid and no value was created, but he was just crunching unrealistic forecast numbers.

Castile is Dead Bye Bye Nina

Castile Ventures

This was a bad firm - now it is gone. Typical boom time firm without a real purpose or team. Everyone on Boston knows it.

Nina talks more than any VC I know... and makes no sense.

I have had to roll my eyes many times and hold myself back from laughing..


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