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Terrific Firm to Work With

Globespan Capital Partners

I've worked with both Andy Goldfarb and Dave Fachetti over the years. As an investor they we're terrific. Their diligence was thorough and appropriate and as they got deeper their input helped us with our strategy. They are both very smart and hardworking and Andy as our board member was always available during the course of the company up until our exit.

I've worked with many venture firms and can say Globespan is tops!

Join the World’s Top Investors and Entrepreneurs at the Founder Showcase on May 12th News

The Founder Showcase,'s annual startup event, is coming up on Tuesday, May 12th in Silicon Valley.

At this event, over 400 startup founders and investors will join us to hear from three of technology's leading change agents who are on a crusade to change not only industries, but also the world.

Our speakers include:

  • Chamath Palihapitiya, Owner of the Golden State Warriors and Founder of The Social+Capital Partnership - a partnership of philanthropists, technologists and capitalists utilizing venture capital as a force to create value and change on a global scale.
  • Peter Diamandis, Chairman & CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, Co-Founder of Singularity University, Human Longevity & Space Adventures, and one of “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” according to Fortune Magazine.
  • Gabe Zichermann ,the world's leading expert on gamification and behavioral design, Founder of Dopamine and Gamification Co, and a best selling author of The Gamification Revolution.
  • In addition, panelists for the event include some of world's top venture capitalists and journalists, including;

  • Adeo Ressi, Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute,
  • Boris Wertz, Founding Partner, Version One Ventures
  • Cyan Banister, CEO of Zivity, Owner of Banister Capital
  • Jed M. Katz, Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners 
  • Jessica E. Lessin, Founder & Editor in Chief at The Information
  • Jon Soberg, Managing Director of Expansive Ventures
  • Manu Kumar, ‎Chief Firestarter @ K9 Ventures
  • This event will sell out, so get your tickets today. readers get 20% off tickets here.

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    'Pay to Play' Group to Avoid Particularly Kenny Byrne 'Coo'

    ZINO Society

    We have investigated Zino Society since going out for funding at the end of last year. Several of the few fellow Puget Sound Washington Angel groups suggested we do so. Our experiences turned unfavorable. The facts follow:

    * Companies that have 'won' awards with Zino have not received funding from individual investors, the Zino Fund nor even a pipeline of potential investment or advisor contacts; (Personally validated with 3 hence our company will not be presenting.)
    - However Zino claims they are the third largest group by awards to companies in the area;
    * Screening standards and 'coaching' are selective and disproportionate; one company may present to a board and others may only receive some slight feedback;
    * Not many if any women-owned or run companies present nor are they treated equally;
    * Other Angel group participants, coaches and members have openly advised to stay away from 'Cathi's wine club' as they have a history of collecting monies without further investment opportunities presented;
    * Panel/Board member judges are also pay-to-play for their 'expertise' particularly attorneys and 'sales-system' speakers;
    * The group is unorganized; last minute phone calls to schedule 'coaching' and practice to pitch just a few days before monthly events. Moving/migrating dates and topics to total re-works are common for the entire event within just a few days. Long-planned activities are shelved; not conducive for companies who are engaged in serious development and fundraising;
    * The 'COO' Kenny Byrne is a well-known self-promoter 'BigManOnCampus' who has been witnessed drinking to excess boisterously interrupting, holding court and causing general problems;
    - LOOKOUT for this character as he makes the rounds scouting for companies/victims in the Start-up communities along with Lee Reeves who is a nice guy but has neither operated a lemonade stand;
    * Disparate 'qualifications' to present along with arbitrary 'turn downs' when serious questions are asked to the organization particularly to Kenny in general who can 'turn' particularly on booze.

    Generally, if you want to pay to attend a party and 'watch the show' maybe acquiring a few decent contacts, sure. Otherwise, wise start-ups will move on. Be concerned in general about any group that charges more than a small fee to pitch.

    Fortunately, we completed our due diligence and decided unanimously not to move forward.

    Do your homework wherever you choose to present!


    What are "Normal" Investment Banking Terms These Days on a Path to a Sale? Discussion

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    Easy Pitch, Reasonable Feedback

    GrandBanks Capital

    Private: 473 Chars

    Equities/Options for Early Employees Discussion

    Liquidation Preferences What are Your Overall Experiences and Thoughts? Discussion

    Last Chance to Apply to the Spring 2015 Founder Lab News

    This Sunday, April 19th is the Final Application Deadline for the Spring 2015 Founder Lab.

    The Founder Lab helps top seed-stage startups prepare for funding through an intensive, 10 day program in Silicon Valley. Participating founders will work non-stop with world-renowned entrepreneurs and investors, and leave the program with a fully refined pitch-deck, a plan to grow their KPIs and product, access to a global network of founders and investors, and a tactical strategy to raise funding.

    As a bonus, the program culminates at the 16th Founder Showcase, where they can demo their product to more than 400 investors and network with industry professionals.

    If you are interested, apply and learn more at

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    Major Investment Instrument for New Production Company Discussion

    Not Impressed


    Private: 350 Chars

    Keeping Angels Updated Discussion

    Plymouth Ventures and the Mud Hens: Toledo's Minor League Teams

    Plymouth Venture Partners

    Wow, where to start? Bob Savage was the only rational guy in this place until he got forced out by Ian the Terrible.

    Their M.O. is to provide a terms sheet quickly, and then change the terms after you've gone down the road with them a bit and have turned down other sources. They're used to being virtually the only game in town, and getting away with poor treatment of entrepreneurs.

    Don't waste your time

    Everyone Wants a Cut...But, Do They Get It? Discussion

    See Global Startups Solving Global Problems on This Online Demo Day Event News

    The Founder Institute is the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup startup launch program, with a portfolio of over 1400 Graduate companies from across 85+ cities and six continents.

    This week, the Founder Institute will host its first ever Global Virtual Demo Day to showcase some of the program's top Graduates to an international audience of investors and entrepreneurs, live and online.

    This Global Virtual Demo Day will take place on Thursday, March 19th at 6:00pm PT (see local time here), and it is open for anyone to attend.

    RSVP to the Demo Day Today!

    See Global Startups Solving Global Problems
    During the live Global Virtual Demo Day, you can see pitches from top Founder Institute Graduates from four different countries, and three different continents. All presenting companies have already raised a small amount of funding or generated traction, and each is tackling a large, global issue with a huge market; such as satellite delivery, personal health, online security, online journalism, the sharing economy, corporate healthcare, and more. Presenting companies include;

    1. Nexercise ( is a mobile platform for delivering addictive corporate wellness challenges. $1M+ est. revenue in 2015. $1.3M seed funding, TechStars alum, and DC Founder Institute Graduate.

    2. Peerby ( is neighborhood sharing-economy app, with traction in Europe and an insurance-based revenue model. $2.5M funding, TechStars alum, and Amsterdam Founder Institute Graduate.

    3. Tapgenes ( is a family-health service for tracking and understanding your family genealogy health tree. Co-founded by 23andme alum, Blueprint Health alum and Singapore Founder Institute Graduate.

    4. ConnectX ( is launching satellites with storage capacity with the highest level of security. It is the ultimate in high value data storage. Los Angeles Founder Institute Graduate.

    5. Logrr ( is an Identity as a Service platform for enterprises that connects employees to their cloud business applications without using passwords. Montreal Founder Institute Graduate.


    RSVP to the Demo Day Today!

    Beware of Liq Pref!

    VI Partners AG

    I have seen amazingly unfavorable liquidation preferences from these guys! Would definitely qualify for Royal Vulture Capital terms.

    Bad Company to Deal With

    Jump Capital

    They will swindle you during your dealings with them. Very tough on negotiations, and very founder unfriendly. You will waste time on your financing with them if you proceed to discuss your A or B round with them.

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