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Option Plan Management Software? Discussion

Do Your Due Diligence Not All Money is the Same

RCT BioVentures

Private: 172 Chars

Consumer Green Product Investors

VC Open Letters

We are a GREEN, consumer product, design driven manufacturer with real traction, real product and innovative ideas.
We are located in the Bay Area, and we need consumer product investors to help us scale BIG. Can you recommend investors who are interested in CP?

Negotiating an Oem Agreement Discussion

144 a Bond Funding Discussion

Great Partner, Poor Fund

Teuza Management & Development

My company was scouted by one of the junior partners, Yakir, who was very interested and showed great involvement and zeal for our particular field of work. He setup a meeting between us and more senior members of the board who pulled a last minute no-show.

A few days later came the message that our industry is out side the fund's field of interest.

All in all, Yakir, whom we actually meet, was great. Insightful and to the point. Teuza the company however, were far less impressive.

Re Re Building Trust: Founder's 5 Additional Points and Huge Gratitude to Advice Givers Discussion

Advice Wanted on Rebuilding Trust Between Founder (Former CEO) and Hired CEO Discussion

Total Market Potential Discussion

Larry Begley and 406 are Top Tier Boston VC's

406 Ventures

I have known Larry for over a year, and greatly admire and appreciate his willingness and ability to roll up his sleeves and help me grow and scale my company. His areas of operating and industry expertise are highly valued by not only me, but also my leadership team and my board of directors. Larry is a great friend, advisor and mentor for any company that is looking to change the world for the better. His partners at .406 also add great value in connecting businesses with potential opportunities.
I highly recommend Larry and his partners at .406 to any company at any stage that might be looking for business insights or operating expertise in growing and scaling their business.

Pitching Vent Discussion

Approached by a VC Group. What Does It Mean? Discussion

Structure of Early Stage Legal Compensation Discussion

Has Anyone Ever Heard of an Investor that Wants Exclusivity Before They Issue a Termsheet? Discussion


Aperture Venture Partners

Poor response time, and when we did get to do a phone pitch (and after they requested and received our corporate overview) they dropped a bomb in the middle of the pitch that they had just closed on a deal with our key competitor. The partner we interfaced with is Tony Natale (relatively new with them), who has a pretty poor track record. Previous firm went under.

Fundraising Discussion

You Know, Maybe Your Idea Just Isn't So Spectacular Discussion

Reitler/Co. Were at Least Respectful.

ARC Angel Fund

Reitler was polite and respectful. But a lawyer. Clearly not a technologist, visionary, or opportunist.

Private: 198 Chars

Anyone Can Pitch Onstage at the Founder Showcase (20% Off) News

The 15th Founder Showcase is just a few days away, taking place on Thursday, May 15th in Mountain View. This is's startup pitch and networking event, where we gather great speakers and investors to help early-stage entrepreneurs.

At this event, anyone who purchases a ticket has an opportunity to pitch on stage in front of hundreds of investors, founders, and press.

That’s right. In addition to the six companies who will be competing on stage in the Pitch Competition, all attendees get to participate in the CrowdPitch Competition. All you have to do is purchase a ticket and submit your one-sentence company pitch for a chance to present on stage. No other event offers so much!

Get your tickets before they sell out at Use the code 'friends_of_thefunded' to get a 20% discount.

Confirmed to speak at the event are Mitch Kapor (Founder of Lotus Development, Kapor Capital & Kapor Center for Social Impact, and PC Industry Pioneer), Mike Maples Jr. (Managing Partner at FLOODGATE, and the #14 Top Tech Investor in the world by Forbes), and Thomas Korte (Founder of AngelPad, one of the world's leading startup accelerators).

In addition, investor panelists include Manu Kumar (K9 Ventures), James Cham (Bloomberg Beta), Alex Gurevich (Javelin Venture Partners), Boris Wertz (Version One Ventures), Aydin Senkut (Felicis Ventures), Frank Chen (Andreessen Horowitz), Jeff Richards (GGV Capital), and more.

Guests will mingle over appetizers and drinks in a networking hall, and all attendees get free access to the exclusive Founder Showcase Casino Afterparty at NASA Ames!

We hope you will join us!

Teten is a Tool

ff Asset Management

Private: 161 Chars


NextView Ventures

Pitched David Beisel. No particular insight, engagement, enthusiasm, or follow-up. He hit a point on his checklist of "reasons to say no," and that was that.

Private: 36 Chars

Scott Johnson Seems Quite Good!

New Atlantic Ventures


Like many VCs, seems a bit too focused on "the pitch" (the deck, show, and script; "pitch as performance") rather than regarding the pitch as the time-wasting, full-tangent/kabuki contrivance it is (having little predicative merit).

Don't come too early. All seed-stage funds claim there's no such thing; however, they're lying. If your ducks aren't in a row, you'll blow the opportunity.


Responsive and, while ultimately disinterested in having us pitch, actively helpful. That is unheard-of. I've spoken with him quite a few times, and find him smart and good natured. None of these guys are princes, but he's orders-of-magnitude more engaged and engaging than most other VCs.

All VCs talk about "disrupting, disintermediating, re-inventing," blah-blah-blah. They're more vapidly aspirational than they claim us entrepreneurs to be. Scott is notably different. I believe he actually likes what he does. He doesn't froth at the mouth, isn't beguiled by his own rhetoric, and is smart enough to actually help direct the ball.

Get org'ed, make sure you have a really solid opportunity and know how to exploit it, and find Scott. He makes almost every other VC I experienced look cranky and inept by comparison.


Alsop Louie Partners

Private: 575 Chars

Conundrum Discussion

Learn How to Use Data to Ignite Growth at DataBeat 2014 (15% Discount) Sponsor Posting

Our friends at VentureBeat are hosting a must-attend event this week for anyone interested in leveraging big data to ignite growth: DataBeat 2014.

DataBeat — VentureBeat’s second annual big data conference on May 19-20 in San Francisco— is laser-focused on helping companies increase profitability through smart analytics and big data tools.

Now that data is driving their decisions, growth-oriented executives are confronting a bewildering set of options.  They’re gathering the brightest minds in the industry to filter through the noise and give new insights on technologies and strategies that will accelerate growth.

Our friends at VentureBeat are offering our network a 15% discount on tickets. Register now before it’s too late!

Featured speakers include:

Come to DataBeat and…

DataBeat will be packed with case studies, lightning talks, keynotes, breakout sessions, high-level presentations, and an innovation showdown.

But in addition to the content, the event is also hyper-focused on making sure attendees walk away with valuable connections.

You’ll find those new partners, new clients, new hires, and new investors through a series of organizes initiatives including roundtable lunch discussions, quick-connect sessions, receptions, and dinners.

Join us May 19-20 for a two day roadmap on how to approach data to ignite real growth for your business.

Get your tickets today here! (15% off)

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