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What's the right amount of equity and salary for taking on the CEO role pre Series A? Would be responsible for raising the round and building out the company. The technical founders have developed good clinical data with limited resources.

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Bessemer Venture Partners

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VC Open Letters

Dear Friends,

I have been doing research passionately for 12 years for achieving real CBSD (Component Based Design for Software), after I accidentally stumbled onto a fascinating new kind of software components (which are close to real software components that are capable of achieving real CBD for Software Products or Applications). The real CBSD solves infamous software crisis by eliminating the spaghetti code from the design and development of software.

If I am right (which, of course, I have no doubt), the scientific discoveries and patented inventions would be worth billions of dollars. I already secured 6 US-patents on our inventions so far. Many more discoveries likely be around the corner, where such new discoveries could be knowledge foundation for many more valuable inventions and patents worth billions more. It is hard to take this kind of claims seriously without rigorous validation by qualified experts. But fortunately such scientific discoveries and inventions can be validated upfront.

Since no one believe this kind of inventions even possible, investors must be willing to invest upfront to validate our discoveries and patented inventions, which are rooted in our discoveries and knowledge. I am highly confident that, about 10 top software researchers and/or universality professors must be able to validate our discoveries and inventions beyond any doubt in about 2 to 3 days.

It would cost about US$45,000 dollars for such rigorous validation. Many large companies (e.g. IBM, Google or Microsoft) may even use in house researchers. How can I find investors willing to risk US$45,000 for upfront validation of revolutionary scientific discoveries & technological inventions?

I believe, we need about US$4 million to US$5 million investment to build a profitable business around our patented inventions (i.e. to reach profitability). There is very little risk in this larger investment, if the investors are fully satisfied with the upfront validation (by making the initial smaller investment). Our patents certainly worth more than the investment plus interest, in case of liquidation.

I am looking for investors who don't mind spending couple of hours to understand our patented inventions and market opportunity. If the investors are interested, they need to hire about 10 qualified software researchers of their choice to spend up to 3 days for investigating the proof for our scientific facts (i.e. discoveries) and validating our patented inventions. I don't need validation or proof. But to show my confidence and good faith, I am ready to share up to 50% of the cost, if I feel that the investors are sincerely putting good faith effort.

If any one is curious, all the proof and evidence is openly provided for investigating the truth at web sites such as and May be the evidence is not well organized, but all the evidence is provided openly. Also created missing pieces such as GUI-technologies and CSE-tools for creating first ever real-software-components necessary for achieving real CBD for software.

Best Regards,
Raju Chiluvuri,

B2 B Saa S Sales Discussion

Good for Investors Bad for Founders

Jerusalem Venture Partners

Got the vision and balls to invest when all other VC's only follow the heard
have zero loyalty to the founders

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Bee Partners and Romulus Capital Don't Answer Discussion

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