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Is There Any Kind of Taxes Placed on foreign Investment? Discussion

Check the Details

Marlin Equity Partners

Flush out the whole deal early. Make sure you understand the huge fees they will take out of the deal, and the high management return hurdles. Funny how this takes weeks after the term sheet to communicate.

Great Documentary for Entrepreneurs: "Fyre: the Greatest Party that Never Happened" Discussion

Request Source for Lists of Creative Negotiation Requests Discussion

Irr Speaks for Their Strategy and Approach

Artiman Ventures

The IRR speaks for their strategy and approach

Web site:
Funds managed
Fund Fund type Vintage Ccy Committed capital IRR Multiple
Artiman Ventures Special Opportunities Fund LP Venture 2012 USD 133,000,000 2.37 % 1.07 x
Artiman Ventures III LP Venture 2010 USD 200,000,000 -3.48 % 0.90 x
Artiman Ventures II LP Venture 2007 USD 185,000,000 1.95 % 1.10 x
Artiman Ventures I Venture 2004 USD 165,000,000

Great Article on Nyt: Discussion

Seeking B2 B's Looking to Sell Company Discussion

Reaching Prospective Investors Via Linked In/Family Offices Event Discussion

Wefunder? Discussion

Anyone Have Experience on Startup X Change? Discussion

Great Firm Growing Fast

iNovia Capital

This firm has grown to be one of the best in Canada. I've been working with Shawn Abbott for the past year and have nothing but good things to say.

Private: 515 Chars

You Could Do Worse

Bain Capital Ventures

These guys have put $10M+ into my company over a few years of working together.

Sometimes they're arrogant. Sometimes they check themselves and listen.

They have a good brand that's respected in the industry. It's not the best but it does help.

Everyone here is smart. Some of them have an ego to match.

There's internal firm politics. It's not great. But it's not the worst either.

It's a good, but not great, firm. You could do a lot, lot worse.

Private: 569 Chars

Avoid This VC. Your Ethics Will Be Compromised, or You Will Be Booted.

Clarus Ventures

Private: 2862 Chars

Identifying Who to Pitch for a Seed Round? Discussion

Rich Old Idiots Wasting Your Time

Band of Angels Management

Typical revolving door for greedy old farts with delusion of relevance and expertise. Their idea of state of the art in search is attensity or other assorted crap like that. Better than the now defunct Angels' Forum -- which I observed closely -- they are there to entertain themselves, and waste your time.
They cannot even keep to their own timetable.

Private: 423 Chars

How VC's Get Measured Discussion

Theranos?!?! Discussion

When Venture Capital Becomes Vanity Capital Discussion

Section 32 Discussion

Amish is a Kingmaker with a Record, but He Will Beat You Up on Terms (And It May Be Worth It)

FirstMark Capital - Pequot Ventures

We raised our A round led by Amish and FirstMark. Due diligence is not for the faint of heart. You probably will not be examined this deeply by others even at B or C round. I have been through M&A due diligence and it was easier.
Amish will also beat you up on terms. He is a shark, this is his business, his team is no joke, and considering he sits on boards of 18 companies, he is better at this funding biz than you will be. Suit up, have a good fight on what really matters, and plan to make back what you were beat up on later down the road.

Now that A round is way behind us, I can tell you that his help, and that of his team, is worth it. He has "nose in hands out" style. He will ask a ton of questions, he will be right there to look at every detail of strategic decision and make sure you aren't missing anything. He will question your data, he will question your hypothesis, his right hand man David is at maniacal level with details. And I have learned to really appreciate it. Amish and his crew have immense impact on our business. He will push you to upgrade your skills daily, he will call you out on your BS, but the context of it all is why you need to grow thicker skin and bigger ears - he is a kingmaker. Look at his track record, it speaks for him.
Also, look at FM team. Not your usual viagra crowd. Everyone from associates to partners - top notch.
Also, come rain or shine or snow, he will be at your board meeting, he will come prepared, and for those couple hours your company is the only thing that exists for him and you have all of his attention, skills, and experience at your disposal. No answering of texts or emails, no taking phone calls, etc.

I Thought They Were Defunct

The Angels Forum

I do not think they exist anymore.
Most angel groups are revolving doors for the greedy people with the organizers making money. One of their angels Mike complained to me that he had lost $4M in investments. The more reputable ones that got suckered into joining -- former CEO of Rambus and former CFO of Maxim (I think), will not even list it on their Linkedin as an experience.
Carol Sands had a Halo Fund in parallel with Angels' Forum. She would invest the funds money in what the Angels' thought were the best deals, but would not tell them that she is also investing. Her background in entrepreneurship was None. Halo Fund's track record dismal. Last I look

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Bootstrappers Breakfast Discussion

Online Contract/Proposal Mgmt Discussion

Venture Math Discussion

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